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A creative digital agency like no other

Creative Ground is a creative digital agency based in Downers Grove, IL. We specialize in creating and communicating clear, compelling brand and marketing messages across multiple digital platforms and devices.

We are committed to delivering tailored professional design and technical solutions that capture the imagination and meet the specific needs of your business and your customers. All our clients benefit from total commitment, sound advice and a competitive pricing structure. In an ever changing digital landscape, you can rely on us to get you where you want to be.

Our 8 step approach to design and development
  • 01 Step
    Client InquiryThe initial marketing inquiry gets the ball rolling, and our team would love to hear the vision you have for your company. Not only we will make sure that Creative Ground is the right fit for your specific marketing and branding needs, but we’ll point you in the right direction regarding your business’ overall marketing goals.
  • 02 Step
    Proposal & PricingIn a world powered by email and wifi, we understand if we can’t meet in person. However, we will schedule a phone call or Skype session to relay our proposal; a proposal that’s custom­built for your marketing concerns. After gathering details on both ends, we will submit a plan to you laying out the costs, terms, and guidelines of your new marketing strategy.
  • 03 Step
    Project MilestonesAfter identifying your business’ design and marketing objectives, we will further elaborate on how we’re going to help you achieve your goals by using project milestones. This detailed roadmap will help assess the interconnectivity of your marketing platform and will serve as the timeline and schedule of your project.
  • 04 Step
    The Design phaseWorking with you on your suggested branding aesthetic, we will start on a few initial design concepts, tweaking the outcomes based on your feedback until we get a sign­off on the overall art direction of your project. This approved design will set up the groundwork for what is to be your new customized branding and marketing strategy.
  • 05 Step
    The Development phaseAt this point, we’ve ironed out the details together so that the Creative Ground team can get to the nitty­gritty aspects of your project. This is the phase where most of the tangible work is turned out according the milestones we set earlier. We will make scheduled deliveries to you so that you can check on and approve the progress of the project.
  • 06 Step
    Testing & FeedbackOnce we’ve got a fully functioning product to show ­ whether that be an interactive website or a viral video ­ we will ask you to fully engage in the testing so that you can ensure that it’s up to you (and your customer’s) standards. After making any final amendments to the product, we will educate you on how to make any administrative changes (if needed) before the project launch.
  • 07 Step
    Project launchWith the project completed to your satisfaction, the only thing that remains is to integrate it to your customers. The project launch could link into a broader campaign that you have already established, and we can help to make sure that it all ties together seamlessly and on schedule!
  • 08 Step
    Monitoring & ImprovementsThe best way to follow the impact of your project is to monitor its performance and its effect on your customers. Even with the amazing new marketing tools built for you by Creative Ground there’s always room for improvement! That’s why we implement real­time usage data to help you identify the areas that can be adjusted to perform to the best of your expectations!
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